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Expanding sales team ChampFood International

Dear ChampFood relation,
ChampFood International was established in 1991 and has served the international mushroom industry ever since. Our company has seen a strong growth over the last decade. ChampFood International  is known as one of the leaders of the mushroom industry and continues to act at the forefront of new business developments and innovations.
In order to cope with our ongoing market commitments the management of ChampFood International has decided to expand its sales force. As of the first of January 2019 Mathieu Geurts has joined the company hence to strengthen the sales activities of ChampFood International. Mathieu knows the mushroom industry for already ten years due to his experiences at Rabobank and BVB Substrates. At BVB Substrates he used to be responsible for the business unit Mushrooms which focused on the (international) sales of casing soil.
For you as our most appreciated customer nothing will change. Mathieu Geurts, alongside Jan Baltussen and Eric Vernooij, will serve you as you may expect from us. Your business inquiries will continue to be treated as you are used to. For further questions you are most welcome to contact us anytime.
Yours sincerely,
ChampFood International


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