About us

About us

ChampFood International is headquartered in Vierlingsbeek, The Netherlands. We produce ChampFood, a worldwide available natural and organic supplement for growing mushrooms.

Our company was established in 1991 and has ever since served the mushroom industry as a manufacturer, supplier and distributor of ChampFood. By permanently applying the latest technology in the area of absorption-requirements of mushrooms, oysters and shii-takes, ChampFood has become an industry-leading product.  Our company provides a wide range of ChampFood products all over the world. 

ChampFood Benefits
Although some available compost products are described as high-quality, those often lack the appropriate amounts and type of proteins (amino acids), vitamins, minerals and trace elements to achieve maximum mushroom growth and quality.

ChampFood positively distinguishes itself because:

  • Mushrooms will gradually absorb ChampFood nutrients more efficiently than nutrients out of normal compost
  • ChampFood provides the required minerals to grow mycelium and fruit body
  • ChampFood both optimize the vitamins, trace levels, amino acids and minerals in compost and promotes the absorption of nutrients
  • In addition ChampFood products supports enzyme reactions in the compost
Results from using ChampFood
Optimal nutritional balance and the extended release of nutrients (energy, proteins and minerals) will result in:
  • Improved quality of mushrooms
  • Caps that remain closed longer
  • Improved density
  • Pure white color
  • Longer shelf-life
Using ChampFood products will increase your mushroom yield by 10- 30%.

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