ChampFood is a natural and organic compost supplement that improves mushroom quality and results in higher yields and improved quality. ChampFood products can be characterized as:

  • An all natural supplement
  • An extended-release protein and amino acid compost additive
  • Improved sterility through special treatment
  • Causes no rise in temperature beyond problematic levels
  • Scientifically produced and permanently adjusted to the latest technology

ChampFood products are composed of denatured soybean meal, other protein sources, lipids and minerals. During the production process, the protein in the raw materials is protected with a coating to provide a delayed nutrient release. This coating also prevents competitive molds from using easily available nutrients.

ChampFood International provides a wide range of supplements with a variety of protein and mineral levels. Even rich compost does not contain the amounts and types of protein (amino acids) needed for a maximum production, ChampFood products optimize the protein level, while minerals are a requirement to establish mycelium growth and fruit body formation.

While choosing our products it is important to separate supplementation at spawning and supplementation at casing. In all cases using ChampFood products will result in excellent yield increase combined with outstanding quality of the final product.

It would be our pleasure to personally support you in choosing the right product.

As compost is grown and produced in many different ways and in many different countries it is virtually impossible to pick a ChampFood purely on the summarized information on this website. We would therefore like to invite you to contact us so we can personally discuss your requirements.

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