Farm visits
We gladly visit you at your farm to provide you with in depth information on how to manage and improve your mushroom operation. ChampFood can help you to benchmark your business.

Technical information
Our international staff is just a phone call away. For technical assistance ChampFood can be reached between 8:00am to 5:00pm CET. Don’t hesitate to call us with any question you might have on supplements, release time of nutrients, safety, mixing systems, application rates or any other technical assistance you are looking for.  

Customized supplements
ChampFood is able to customize any supplement with orders of two ton or more. We will add extra vitamins, minerals or trace elements, change release times, add a special ingredient or increase protein upon your request. By using the latest balancing program technology, our nutritionist can reduce your supplement expenses at short notice. 

Flexibility in delivery
Champfood supplements are available in 50lbs or 25kg paper bags, bulk bags from 800 to 1250kg, or bulk-truck. Our paper bags are provided with a plastic liner in order to protect the contents from moisture. We moreover shrink-wrap our bags to improve security during transport. ChampFood can accommodate your preferred form of shipping, whether it’s a personal pick-up, shipped common-carrier or shipped around the world. Our Customer Service can assist you in choosing the most cost-efficient way.  

No-confusion bags
To eliminate confusion, our bags are color-coded, enabling you to always know which bag contains which supplement. Our bags are moreover marked with a product and identification number enabling ChampFood to track-and-trace from raw material to final product.

Research lab
ChampFood conducts in-house supplement research in our own micro growing-tray laboratory.

Field research
Following the micro-tests, products are tested on a 320m² shelf system at a commercial mushroom farm. By growing mushrooms in two rooms on a weekly basis, this farm provides the opportunity to test all our standard and experimental products. Every detailed observation is recorded accurately and as such provides reliable information for the development of new ChampFood products.

Diagnostic lab
ChampFood works with global research institutes and consultancy companies. Combined with our long-term expertise this enables us to answer all your questions and provide you with substantiated advice.

Mixing equipment
When using ChampFood it is important that the product is mixed with the compost as even and homogeneously as possible to ensure optimum results. Our supplement hopper was designed in-house to achieve this proper mixing.  Contact your ChampFood representative or email to learn more about the technical aspects or about mixing systems that fits your requirements.

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