Supplies by providers
All ChampFood ingredients provided by our suppliers are subject to basic quality-control testing. Our suppliers are well aware of our testing-practices and therefore provide us with ingredients that comply with our specifications. In order to avoid contamination, we manage the transportation of our supplies ourselves by using our own trucks most of the time. Our drivers conduct an organoleptic test at arrival to establish structure, color and contamination of the raw ingredients. On arrival at our plant we will analyze levels of protein, moisture and residue in our own lab.

In-house storage
All ingredients are stored in separate silos until applied to our supplements in order to avoid cross-contamination. Our products are manufactured in a spe plant which eliminates contamination with unwanted ingredients. Between batches, the silos are thoroughly cleaned to eliminate build-up and mold-growth.

Track-and-trace system
Our manufacturing process can be fully tracked and traced. Every bag is marked with a unique identification number, making your ChampFood product traceable from raw ingredient to the end-products. Our manufacturing process is fully automated and involves only the minimum of human interception, resulting in lower costs for labor and better savings for you.

Spezialized plant
ChampFood produces mushroom supplements in its own spezialized plant, located in Vierlingsbeek the Netherlands. The ChampFood plant solely produces ChampFood mushroom supplements. Our plant receives ingredients for the production of ChampFood mushroom supplements only and therefore we do not have to compromise between multi-purpose ingredients. Our spezialized facility enables us to produce a uniform, free-flowing, non-dusty product in a time-efficient way. It also enables us to produce small tailor-made blends.

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