NIR Services

ChampFood International offers NIR services to all its customers. In cooperation with NutriControl (independent laboratory), calibration lines accessible through a Cloud connection have been developed for chicken manure, raw materials, straw and both horse manure and synthetic compost (phase I, phase II and phase III). The NIR services of ChampFood International perfectly complement your own production optimisation processes and quality control procedures.
Why the AgriQuant FT-NIR analyser?
Of all the available NIR analysers in the mushroom industry, the AgriQuant FT-NIR analyser provides the highest spectral quality. The AgriQuant FT-NIR requires no scheduled maintenance and the light source (i.e. laser) has an expected lifetime of ten years. In addition, it carries a lifetime warranty on the interferometer scanning mechanism and on all optical components against damage or degradation by moisture. The user-friendly sample container, which is re-usable and inexpensive, minimises the cost per analysis. The tumbling effect of the bottle sampler gives a very reproducible spectral quality.
Calibration lines
Over the years ChampFood International and NutriControl have worked on robust calibration lines. Use this link to find additional information regarding the ins and outs of NutriControl’s calibration lines:  
Despite ChampFood International’s preference for the AgriQuant FT-NIR analyser, NutriControl also offers calibration lines for other NIR analysers. This enables us to offer suitable calibration lines for Bruker Tango, PerkinElmer and multiple FOSS instruments.
ChampFood International’s offering
You can choose to purchase the AgriQuant FT-NIR analyser yourself or ChampFood International can also assist you. For the calibration lines you can either choose to develop your own (stand-alone) calibration lines or use calibration lines from NutriControl. NutriControl offers an existing set of calibration lines or can customise your own calibration lines.
For more information, please contact your ChampFood sales representative or your local ChampFood dealer.

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