Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

  • What is ChampFood?

    ChampFood is an organic mushroom-compost supplement that is developed and distributed by ChampFood International in The Netherlands. ChampFood is a high-protein mix, based on organic ingredients enriched with vitamins, minerals and trace elements. 

  • Is ChampFood Organic?

    We are certified to produce ECO / organic supplements and we are controlled by independent organizations.

  • Is ChampFood GMO (Genetic Modified Organism) free?

    ChampFood International is able to provide a certified non-GMO product upon request.

  • For what kind of mushroom can I use ChampFood?

    ChampFood International provides different blends for the cultivated white button (Agaricus Bosporus, also known as Champignon de Paris), Brown button, Portabella mushrooms, Oyster and Shiitake mushrooms.  

  • What can I expect from using ChampFood products?

    When mixed well with the compost at spawning or just before casing, ChampFood will increase your yield in the first and second break and improves quality of the mushrooms in second, third and later breaks.

  • Will ChampFood be harmful to your mushroom production?

    ChampFood should not be used when clear evidence of competitor molds in the compost is present. 

  • Will ChampFood affect the quality of mushrooms?

    Tests have proven a higher dry-weight and a longer shelf life. ChampFood products result in better mushroom quality and more closed mushrooms in later breaks. 

  • What shelf-life applies to ChampFood?

    If stored in a dry place, a nine month shelf- life applies to ChampFood products. Because the product contains vitamins however, we recommend ChampFood to be used within six months. 

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